More than 356 Nigerian dedicated soldiers battling the Boko Haram insurrection have left the military refering to Frustration as the principle purpose for their choice to exit from the Army.

Rocstarvibes has inclined that the soldiers are troubled over how they are been baffled by going up against the Boko Haram agitators making it workable for them to be slaughtered in practically all the assaults.

Military sources state the officers who have since surrendered were for the most part conveyed in the upper east.

They are in the rank of master warrant officers, warrant officers, staff sergeants, sergeants, lance corporals, corporals, and privates.

More awful still, in spite of the turn of events, the Nigerian armed force has since by means of its official Twitter handle prevented that any from claiming the troopers surrendered, depicting the news as phony.

Notwithstanding, military sources have since affirmed the story to be valid, one of the sources who addressed Rockstarvibes  via a reliable source from Maiduguri the Borno state capital said fighters who left the military might be more than 356 as detailed.

He, in any case, said that separated from the individuals who intentionally followed the ordinary procedure and surrendered, there are colossal quantities of fighters who have since relinquished the military and can’t be followed.

A portion of the fighters in the upper east have dropped their firearms, uniform and left with no follow, a military source said.

A military source said the officers are disappointed and are burnt out on observing their associates slaughtered over the double-crossing. Permit the soldiers on the field to accomplish their work and check whether Boko Haram won’t be vanquished in three days, he included.

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The source questioned why more than 40 fighters will be executed and in excess of 50 missing in the most recent week’s Damboa assault and the military power will say just two were murdered.

He, nonetheless, said that was a double-crossing of the soldiers by their associates who should stand and shield their advantage.

The source called attention so that the military position will get more letters from officers who need to leave and leave the military, portraying what is happening in the battle against the Boko Haram extremists as relinquishing the military in which they are not prepared to keep persevering.

This is becoming a serious issue as these Boko Haram extremist are gradually entering the Nigerian government..

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