South Africans have had comments when it was announced that Ramon Igbalode AKA Hushpuppi was trapped and captured by the Interpol last Wednesday thus a large number of these things have not been decent things.

Nigerians have been trying to defend themselves on the internet ever since the incident of a well known social media icon Hushpuppi from Nigeria who was arrested for fraud by the FBI INTERPOL Agents.

The news have clearly spread broadly over the internet, starting a great deal of responses from various nations including South Africa who know about the socialite.

Some South Africans have additionally swam in on the circumstance and as consistently been with regards to Nigeria, Most South Africans Have bet everything to drag the socialite and the nation when all is said in done.

Below are some tweets….

South Africans South Africans

Meanwhile, it is so disappointing that a Giant Of African has no good reputation outside it’s borders.

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