A 13-year-old young lady has been raped and assaulted by four men in Kaduna in spite of the progressing effort against assault in the nation. This was a Tweet by the Human Service & Social Development Kaduna.

It was accumulated that the young lady was dumped underneath a vehicle close to her home after the occurrence.

The Ministry of Human Services and Social Development in the state additionally affirmed the episode on its Twitter handle, expressing that nightfall of wild eyed inquiry, the casualty was found by a family member and was hurried to a medical clinic.

The persons in service did clarify that the four suspects and one associate had been captured and the case moved to the State Criminal Investigative Department.

Below is the tweet and a photograph.

.SayNoToRapists SayNoToRapists

The tweet peruses, “While the continuous discussion on SayNoToRapists proceeds, the tremendous experts have not given indications of easing back down. In Kaduna, we are at present after an instance of supposed assault by a gathering of men on a 13-year-old young lady.

“The survivor was evidently medicated and assaulted by the four “scums”, taken on a cruiser driven by a clueless biker and dumped underneath a left vehicle near her home.

By evening, she was found by a family member. She was quickly taken to the emergency clinic.

The act of rape in the country is really getting on the increase as men no longer have that part of Godly love over their opposite s£x.

What do you think about this post.. What could be done to minimize this menace in the state?

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