Kenyan man who blamed his wife for indulgence with an extra-marital affairs and  at the same time got her private part glued with super glue has been captured.

An activity the police initiated a quest for the man and has gotten him captured.

The police in Tharaka South Sub-County in Kenya said the man initially convinced his significant other to move from their Marimanti Township home.

The man in the wake of submitting the demonstration fled his home and ventured out to Nairobi, the Kenyan capital.

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The Director of Criminal Investigation on Thursday declared that it has captured the man who stuck his wife’s privates subsequent to embeddings pepper.

The police authority said the man was captured in a refuge in Kitui.

Christopher’s media had before detailed how a man fixed his significant other’s private part with super glue

This is really an eye saw and Shocking indeed. For a human being to indulge in such an act in attempt to correct one’s better half.

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