After the gathering which held at the Presidential Villa, Abuja, Mr Mustapha, who is the Presidential Task Force Director, has given a detailed speech concerning COVID-19 in the meeting with the president of Nigeria, President Buhari.


Below is a full run down of how the interview went with the President..

SGF: This is a piece of a normal exercise. I contemplate the third time that we have had cause to present a between time report to him on our exercises as team and furthermore to refresh him on groundwork for different periods of commitment. What’s more, we have provided him with all the materials that is required to take a gander at the issues. Since, we are in for the long throw, this is certifiably not a short separation race, it’s a long distance race and we need to keep everything in context. Be that as it may, recollect on the 27th of April, he tended to the country and set up the maneuvering down of the lockdown compelling from the fourth of May. From the fourth of May to date is around 13 days, tomorrow we ought to anticipate that new procedures should be set up. In any case, we need to give him all the material subtleties will help us in planning for what’s to come. So that is the reason we are here.

1. Can the PTF state the activity has accomplished its motivation.?

SGF: Yes. We had three destinations and I can say to an enormous degree we have accomplished these targets. We probably won’t be there absolutely however I am sure that taking a gander at the methodologies that we are setting up, going ahead we will fortify those destinations that we have considerably accomplished which are reason driven as far as managing COVID-19 and like I said it’s anything but a 100-meter race, it is a long distance race. So at each point in time you set up the procedure and push ahead and that is the thing that we are doing. I can guarantee that what recommendations we have brought today for Mr President’s thought, I think comprehensively, it will place us in a superior casing to manage what’s to come.

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2. PTF more than once communicated stress over the conduct of Nigerians, what is the circumstance now?

SGF: That is one of the set backs that I can say. There was a survey that was led in the course of the most recent fourteen days covering all aspects of fragments and demography of individuals, 99 percent of Nigerians said they know about COVID-19, they have tuned in to exposure materials, jingles and the data that has been put out there by the service of data and the Nigerian Center for Disease Control. In any case, various rates that have alternate point of view, somewhere in the range of 26 percent said that they are insusceptible, with that sort of an attitude, when somebody said he is resistant, it implies that he won’t utilize the face veil he won’t watch social removing, he won’t remain at home when he should remain at home. What’s more, various rates have credited various degrees of comprehension of what COVID-19 is. However, the most significant thing is for us to commute home, network proprietorship, let the network comprehend that there is a COVID-19 that is lethal, that can assault their wellbeing and their riches and the most significant thing for them to do is for them to assume individual liability in managing it. How would they assume liability? Every one of them ought to be managers of their networks, keep an eye out for individuals who have side effects and encouraged them to report at the closest wellbeing office and get tried and in the event that they are affirmed positive, their contacts can be followed and they will be taken into care, that is the most significant activity. COVID-19 isn’t going to leave in the following a couple of months, whoever discloses to you that isn’t being sensible. No antibody is in the skyline, we are discussing year and a half to two years before immunizations would be affirmed for human use similarly as COVID-19. What’s more, except if we arrive, it implies is that it will remain.

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It may have cycles, after the principal pattern of pandemic, they may be a consolation, there can be a resurgence and that is prove everywhere throughout the world. It has occurred before similar to the idea of contaminations. Along these lines, I accept that what we will do now as a taskforce is to come down to the degree of having the networks take responsibility for reaction. We have built up a national reaction which has been fell to the states yet the networks must attachment into the national reaction. Where we have essential human services habitats everywhere throughout the nation, they can be utilized as stations of revealing of reconnaissance inside a specific network, of following, of following so we can take out those that we think have shown side effects or have interacted with individuals who have displayed manifestations for testing and separation. That way you plug them out of the network and decrease the danger of transmission. That is fundamentally what we are really going after

We have been lecturing that over the most recent multi week. All our question and answer sessions, we underlined that there must be a change and there must be a change in outlook to network obligation since we accept we have gotten to the phase of network transmission and the main way you can manage network transmission is the point at which you give the duty back to the network, not as far as treating individuals, no. As far as being cognizant and mindful of the way that this thing is in our locale and we have the aggregate purpose to guarantee that we secure our kin, especially the matured, the wiped out, the ones that have fundamental wellbeing conditions that are effectively vulnerable to the fatalities of COVID-19. What’s more, that is the reason as a team we have stood extremely solid against assemblies. Gatherings are the least demanding spots where you can get contaminated as far as transmission and that is the reason we attempt however much as could reasonably be expected to demoralize assemblages in all that we do. Since, the matured, the debilitated and the defenseless will turn up in assemblies and once they get this show on the road it turns into another ball game all together. Thus the energy now and the drive will be equipped towards network proprietorship.

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3. What did the president let you know?

SGF: Well, the president communicated his fulfillment that regardless of the challenges and the way that as a country, we do not have the proficient foundation seeing what is befalling the created world, where nations that have generally settled wellbeing organizations with all the palliatives, with all the benefits, with all the plans that manage its kin have disintegrated because of COVID-19, we are as yet standing and putting forth a valiant effort in light of the current situation to guarantee that we give the important bearing. So he communicated his fulfillment with the PTF, the priest of wellbeing and Nigeria Center for Disease Control, which are fundamental piece of the taskforce and all the multi-sectoral services that are engaged with this work – the military, the police, the sort of participation we have gotten from them, without them we wouldn’t have recorded the unobtrusive victories that we have accomplished. So he communicated his gratefulness (to those) that have added to where we are today.

Our numbers are going up however you need to consider that our mortality also isn’t as exceptional as it’s being normal.

4. Have you gotten the Madagascan cure?

SGF: I comprehend it’s been brought by… I will take conveyance presumably tomorrow, Monday. The president has just said it will be experimentally managed, it is simply after that that he can permit it to be tried. In any case, that has been our position that whatever comes in, whatever fix, whatever arrangement that is being given must be exposed to a procedure of approval. The pastor of wellbeing has organizations under his service that are accused legally of the procedures of approval. Anything that we will get, whatever is privately evolved must experience the procedures of approval before we will permit it.

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