Femi Fani Kayode has taken to the micro Niche Twitter to question the Nigerian government how they had distribute the 2 trillion Naira that has been on the news for some time now.

He had stated saying “Explain how you distributed 2 trillion naira to the poor. We need names,how u arrived at your database and the demographic spread”- NASS TO FGN.


According to Femi Fani Kayode, It was clearly stated by the Nigerian government that it has successfully distributed 2 trillion to the poorest Citizens in the country which has not actually reached some places in the country.

Persons have been saying their mind about this Buhari government..

Here are some talks concerning the present government in the country

“Buhari government is the worst government I have ever see or hear in a history… What a destroyer.. Buhari means to turn things upside down in my dialect”.

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