Deby promises to clear out Boko Haram in Nigeria and requested the military to get ready for the fight to come

Inside 72 hours, Chad sent gunships, firearm trucks, heavily clad vehicles and an enormous number of officers to the war.

Clad in a full military uniform and a walkie-talkie President Deby saw the dispatch of d war.

According to Rockstarvibe Reporters, Boko Haram in Nigeria has been utilizing Chad’s domain to lunch assault on Nigeria’s region. It’s against convention for us to enter Chad to unstick them. Chad presently decide to be answerable for once and unpatriotic Nigerians believe it’s chance to trash our military. Proceed!!

Boko Haram in Nigeria

Shekau charges unsteady Boko Haram psychological militants in the midst of overwhelming capability from Chadian powers!

In a message distributed by HumAngle on Wednesday, Shekau advised his individuals to battle on and never escape.

The group head has never been accounted for notice his soldiers against escaping any past fight.

And furthermore, Sectional Chief of Boko Haram fear based oppressors, Shekau, in the 5-minute sound, routed to Iddris Deby, President of Chad, proclaimed:

“Try not to think since you have battled a few mainstream wars in a few fronts, you can battle those of us that decided to battle for religion.”

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