National Youth Policy As Tool For Effective Leadership Development in Nigeria

Nigerian National Youth Policy which was adopted in 2009 was developed as a framework to provide common aspirations and priorities for youth development across the nation.
Through the National Youth Policy, the Government declares the importance of the active involvement of young people in national development, demonstrating the distinctive and complementary roles of all Government Ministries, the Non-Government Sector and Youth Groups in youth development by providing a framework with common goals for development and promoting a spirit of co-operation and co-ordination.
The  Policy thus provides a foundation and mechanism for youth participation in socio-economic development whilst recognising that young people should be protagonists of their own 
development and not mere recipients of state support.
From the postulations of the National Youth Policy, it’s crystal clear that youths and mental development is the goal of the policy; hence effective leadership development among the youths.
It’s only the insane that uses mirror to check the time of his wrist watch and not the sane; same way the insane would question the place of “National Youth Policy ” in effective leadership development among the youths. 
Ladies and gentlemen,  the role of the National Youth Service Policy in effective leadership development cannot be overemphasized. Every youth needs a foundation to build on, every youths needs counselling and mentorship and this policy provides this at the finger tips of all the youths with it’s enabling factors.
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Remarkably, the policy places young people as central to all development initiative and helps them to reach their full potential thereby making them to become active participants in society.
By placing young people as central to all 
development initiatives, the National Youth Policy recognises and values young women and men as a key resource and national asset and highlights 
the importance of youth development to nation building and the creation of a democratic, productive and equitable society.
Through inculcating the spirit of patriotism and national service into young men and women, the virtues of effective leadership is developed. 
According to Nigeria’s former president, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo,  ” identifying and addressing issues that would enhance the lives of the youth would improve overall national development”. He also noted that, “Youth constitute Nigeria’s only hope for a real future”.
From the foregoing, suffice it to state that national youth policy identifies the place of the youths in nation building , fills the gap judiciously and hence effective leadership development in the country.

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