Obiemeke Moses
He who is healthy has no need for a physician. This implies that no sick person goes to the hospital just for the sake of going there, but to seek a medical help.
The increasing nonchalant attitude of hospital personnel whose action and inaction are capable of worsening a sick person’s  health condition shouldn’t be given any chance in the medical sphere.
It is highly expected that a hospital personnel,not just the doctors and nurses should show empathy and compassion. This is because,what we have around us happen to be the opposite.

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Today, many health personnel particularly those of government owned hospitals are no longer dutiful and amenable to discipline. This carelessness arising from medical and ancillary staff has greatly resulted in the fatality of patients (thank God am not a victim and will not be), which discourages a lot of people as a result of the horrible stories and experiences witnessed in the past.
More so, fracas between personnel that eat into the time many patients would have received attention, and the poor Orientation birthed in them are some of the behavioral characters that need not to be given any atom of  tolerance in the health sectors.
Compassion is a deep awareness of the suffering of another, coupled with the wish to relieve it. 
According to Gilbert and Chodden,” compassion is the sensitivity to the suffering of self and others with a commitment to try to alleviate and prevent it”
Compassion in health care delivery is a necessity because it majorly become a foundation of ethics guiding health professionals and a basis for ethics of care in health service organizations. It also provides a guideline for the development that will promote more patient-centred cares.
The role of compassion in contemporary health system is increasingly important for both practice and policy. It is a social phenomenon that ‘shapes and is shaped by conditions of inequality and coercion extending to the notions of social justice and solidarity.

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Compassion undoubtedly contributes to a high quality therapeutic relationship.
Adequate training ( building of the right human mental infrastructure) to health professionals to remedy poor care and neglect may be an effective way of ensuring that health personnel treat their patients with compassion. And this should be followed by specific measures and policies that will nurture and develop such attitudes.
Compassion should be seen as an inherent aspect of care which does not only require explicit incorporation of ethical training as part of health education.



Essentially, taking pain in implementing systematic relevant policies in healthcare setting for embedding and cultivating compassionate attitudes in health personnel should be encourage.
A health personnel like doctor’s medical knowledge and guidance is of utmost importance when one is receiving care for a condition. But what is also important is the personnel’s compassion which is  the ability of the health worker to actively and deeply imagine the suffering a patient is going through.
Be compassionate!
Written By Obiemeke Moses
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